Friday, 28 January 2011

North Shore Liverpool Early 1800's

The aim of our first dérive based on De Quincey's 1803 Diary was to walk in his footsteps to reach the North Shore - "the resounding shore".

Below is an extract from Ramsey Muir's Bygone Liverpool 1913 describing the above plate of the North Shore from the book:

Here are 2 extracts from James Allanson Picton's MEMORIALS OF LIVERPOOL: Including a History of the Dock Estate 1873 describing the North Shore in more detail:

Below is a detailed section of the North Shore from the wonderfully named "Liverpool. Published under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge". Reduced & engraved by T. Starling. Printed by T. Starling. Published by Baldwin & Cradock, 47 Paternoster Row, Septr. 1836. (London: Chapman & Hall, 1844. The map shows the rapid development of the area described by Picton which occurred in the immediate years after De Quincey's visits to Everton between 1801 and 1808. (Click on map to enlarge)

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